Being highly preoccupied with the problem of peaceful coexistence of humanity and having in mind that within the existing conditions it is not feasible to demand from the states producing and supplying destruction weapons to cease practicing their murderous business, I present to you a proposition relatively regulating the given sphere of activity.

1. In Arms Trade Treaties there should be a requirement to use the purchased weapons as means of self-defense only.
It is well known that in international Arms Trade Treaties there is an analogous requirement, but the liability is not effectively realized. It is now perceived more as a moral exhortation, meanwhile vast majority of states that purchase weapons prioritize their interests to the morality or ethics.

2. My proposition is to issue a new international law to alienate the military arsenal of the state (states) producing and purchasing destruction arms if it (they) uses them as well as weapons not falling under the label of “mass destruction” deliberately for aggressive inroad, overt aggression, terrorism, as well as for the purpose of genocide, rousing religious and national hostility etc. This will have a significant impact on the imperfect conventional sphere of Arms Trading system. The regulatory responsibility should be given to a highly competent authoritative and multi-profile international committee empowered with unconditional authorization and respective operative measures. The Committee can be both in the frames of the UNO and beyond its boundaries.

Ways of alienation could differ from necessary destruction to alienation keeping to the demands of the main law or the respective point in the treaty that is empowered with force of law. The profit from the sales should be invested in the state’s economy, education, culture development of the given country contributing to welfare of the population. The defense of the state should be assigned to the same International Committee.

3. It is highly desirable for Armenia to take the initiative of this kind and point out a permanent solution to this global issue by adverting the impossibility of the peaceful coexistence in the given situation. Armenia could put the issue under discussion between all the countries and their communities provoking a global movement against aggression, terrorism, genocide, taking into account also the fact that our country has been declared the pioneer in the fight against genocide.

In particular we expect and ask the world’s spiritual leaders together with their peace minded and faithful followers to join(to give a helping hand) for the realization of our “Proposal” which are meant for well.
We expect Pope Francis’s, Patriarch Kirill’s of Moscow, Ayatollah Khamenei’s, buddist leaders’ , the spiritual leaders of Jewish and other communities to support our “proposal” as it is originated /comes from their mission.

Razmik Davoyan


Having published this "PROPOSAL" on the internet in several major languages the initiative team invokes all the people longing for peace without any national, racial, religious, sexual and age discrimination, the Nobel Peace Prize countries’ leaders, scientists, artists, as well as the NGO’s and individuals fighting for peace to take part in this universal referendum and to place their "Yes" in the following e-mail address, by noting their name and surname, country and any means of communication, if any.


1. Vilen Hakobyan
Academician , Dr. of Medical Science, professor

2. Flora Nakhshqaryan
Chief editor of "Golos Armenii"

3. Ivan Drach
Ukrainian poet, Honored Artist of the USSR

4. Gagik Mkrtchayn
Chief editor of "Hayots Ashkhar", Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences


To the poet, Laureate of “Stars of the Commonwealth Prize”
Razmik Davoyan

Not being aware of the military political issues, put forward by you, as an Armenian intellectual I welcome your humanitarian proposal and I’m hopeful that it it will be treated/ perceived properly by the progressive humanity and Countries.

Sergey Ambartsumyan
Dr. of science in physics and mathematics, professor.
19th September 2016